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Institutional Investors
Investment Solutions

We offer an extensive range of investment solutions, tailor-made to the client’s specific requirements.

Liquidity Management

Liquidity management revolves around a company's need of meeting short-term obligations, efficient enough to generate potential returns on otherwise idle cash balances. We provide liquidity management solutions aiming to deliver both short-term liquidity and reasonable yield, in a secure manner.  We can offer bespoke liquidity solutions which are designed to meet specific cash management objectives, within pre-determined risk parameters.

Treasury Management

We offer investment solutions to corporate and institutional clients to manage their core investment holdings, with the goal of optimising the return on the investable capital in accordance with the company’s own risk appetite. Our investment propositions may also include trading of bonds, currencies, equities and other securities, in line with the client's financial risk management. 


Fund Management

Driven by a robust and rigorous investment management process, based on fundamental and technical analysis, our asset management team provides a range of investment strategies ranging from actively managed equity and fixed-income portfolios, multi-asset class strategies and risk-driven investment solutions.  Our fund management experience and capabilities, especially in the UCITS managed funds space, extend across a wide range of investment solutions aiming to meet the needs and preferences of our retail clients.  We can provide the investment management, risk management and compliance monitoring of Fund structures under a SICAV or common contractual arrangement.


Semi Active Indexing

Through semi-active strategies, we seek to outperform a specific market performance, or a benchmark set by the client. We manage to achieve investment performance by ensuring high-cost efficiencies in our trading strategies and mastering of our core-satellite approach. Semi-active investment allows our clients to achieve returns generated by the markets, along with additional performance emanating from our activity, as investment experts. These strategies are intended to outperform the benchmark, on a risk-adjusted basis.

Active Portfolio Management

Our actively managed strategies aim to outperform an agreed benchmark through active investment in regions, asset classes, sectors and specific securities.  The success of an actively managed fund is dependent on a combination of in-depth research and expertise.  Depending on the clients' requirements and preferences, active management may also serve to manage the level of risk in the portfolio, through our sophisticated risk management tools. 


Business un-correlated Portfolios

Our asset management team can structure a portfolio which is not correlated with the company’s line of business, when it comes to geographic and sectorial positioning. This type of strategy seeks to maximise the returns from investing in securities or sectors that perform when the industry in which the client operates does not, effectively mitigating risks at corporate level. Our flexibility to offer bespoke mandates to our corporate and institutional clients allows us to structure the portfolio in accordance with the specific restrictions set by our clients.


Asset Liability Management

Our approach to asset liability management provides corporate and institutional clients greater confidence that they will meet their liabilities when due.  Our capabilities in asset liability management extend to pension funds, insurers and other institutional clients. We offer investment strategies focused on long-term risks, designed to help clients reduce the volatility of their funding levels, without compromising the returns or raising their long-term funding costs. 


Pension Schemes

Pension management involves the managing of investment contributions made by employers and employees which will eventually provide the employee with a pension on retirement. Our pension management propositions range from Personal Retirement Schemes, Occupational Retirement Schemes and Retirement Funds and are regulated by the Retirement Pension Act.  We can set up innovative pension structures for corporate and institutional clients, for their employees to make regular savings while benefitting from favourable tax incentives on contributions with the intention to access such accumulated wealth during their retirement years and thus help maintain the desired standard of living.



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BOV Asset Management Limited is licensed to conduct investment services in Malta under the Investment Services Act (Cap.370 of the laws of Malta) by the Malta Financial Services Authority.