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Vilhena Global Themed Fund
The Investment Objective of the Fund aims to achieve long-term growth by investing in equity and equity related securities throughout the world.
Vilhena Global Themed Fund

By investing in this Fund, investors will have the opportunity to participate in the growth prospects of companies worldwide, selected on the basis of adopting a strong thematic orientation.

The Investment Objective of the Fund aims to achieve long-term growth by investing in equity and equity related securities throughout the world.

Features & Fees
Benefits & Risks

This fund focuses on investments with high growth potential. It employs an approach that endeavours to capitalise on global economic expansion, by allowing the manager the flexibility to transfer investments to the most attractive opportunities, arising in sectors deemed likely to see growth in profits, in line with current economic trends.

In doing so, the Vilhena Global Themed Fund invests in companies worldwide and in sectors such as telecommunications, healthcare, infrastructure, financial services and technology that are affected by business cycles.

This fund aims to provide long-term capital appreciation. Since this fund allows the money holder to drip feed one’s investment with a regular instalment, starting from as little as €50 a month, it may be considered by investors with a long-term horizon, seeking exposure to international equity markets.



Base Currency
Euro, US Dollar or Sterling
Frequency of Dealing
Class of Shares available
BOV Asset Management Limited
Bank of Valletta p.l.c
Minimum Initial Amount €2,000, $ 2,500, £2000
Monthly Investment Plan

€50 or $ 50 or £30


Initial Charge
Up to 4% of the amount invested.
Exit Fee
Management Fee
1.27% of the Fund's NAV.
Administrator Fee0.23% of the Fund's NAV.

 By Investing in the Vilhena Global Themed Fund, you will benefit from:

  • Potential for Capital Growth.
  • Access to a range of Global Equities and/or equity related securities.
  • Diversified portfolio of stocks which belong to a particular theme.
  • Easy Access to your money at short notice.
Sub-managed by Waverton Investment Management Limited. 

The value of investments, and income from them, can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested.
The Fund is also subject to the following risks:
  • Shares of companies are generally considered high risk investments, and may result in fluctuations of the value of the Fund due to external factors. 

  • The Fund’s performance may be adversely affected by variations in the exchange rates between the base currency of the Fund and the currencies in which the investments are made. 

  • The Fund may use derivatives (complex instruments) in an attempt to reduce the overall risk of its investments or reduce the costs of investing, although this may not be achieved. 

  • A more detailed description of risk factors that apply to this Fund is set out in the Prospectus and the Fund's Supplement.
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BOV Asset Management Limited is licensed to conduct investment services in Malta under the Investment Services Act (Cap.370 of the laws of Malta) by the Malta Financial Services Authority.