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The Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio with a medium risk investment strategy.
The Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio with a medium risk investment strategy. 
Features & Fees
Benefits & Risks
The Manager will seek to achieve the Fund’s investment objective as described above by investing predominantly in Collective Investment Schemes (“CISs”) (including exchange traded funds) that invest in a broad range of assets, including without limitation debt and equity securities.

In instances, this may involve investing predominantly in CISs managed by the Manager. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Manager (in its absolute discretion) may invest predominantly and directly in financial instruments other than units of CISs or invest directly in a mix of financial instruments and CISs. 

The Manager may, in volatile market conditions, temporarily invest up to 100% of the Fund’s total assets in cash or money market Instruments.

The Fund may utilise financial derivative instruments for efficient portfolio management. 

Launch Period 12th December 2016 to 30th January 2017
First Dealing Date 30th January 2017
Minimum Investment Amounts €1,000
Monthly Investment Plan          €50
Class of Shares Available          Accumulator & Distributor
Frequency of DealingEvery 7th,15th,21st and 28th of the Month
Manager        BOV Asset Management Limited
Sub-Investment Manager BOV Asset Management Limited
Custodian Bank of Valletta p.l.c.
Service Fee     0.50% of the NAV
Custody Fee          0.03% of the NAV
Upfront Fees and Exit Fees Up to 1.50% of the amount invested

Why invest in the BOV Investment Funds?

Each portfolio fund is intended to create long-term wealth without exceeding a predetermined level of volatility.

Investment selection process left to dedicated professionals.

A flexible asset allocation allows managers to seek the best opportunities during changing market conditions

Every portfolio fund will constantly reflect the level of volatility tolerated by the investor.

A volatility ceiling approach reduces the incidence of irrational investment decisions taken during market downturns.

Professional asset managers will continuously monitor the inherent volatility levels of your portfolio and act accordingly.

A global mandate will enhance the correlation benefits deriving from a wide array of potential investments.


Liquidity Risk: 

The risk that any of the Fund's investments may not be easily liquidated which may affect the ability of a unit-holder to redeem from the Fund.

Credit Risk: 

The Fund may hold exposure to bonds and/or collective investment schemes that invest in bonds which may be subject to the risk of default or failure to make required payments.

Equity Investment Risk: 

Equity investments are subject to greater fluctuations in market value than other asset classes as a result of factors such as a company’s business performance, investor perceptions, stock market trends and general economic conditions. Prospective investors should note that this could have an impact on the Fund’s Net Asset Value.

Fund-of-Fund Risk: 

The Fund may invest all or a portion its capital in units of other funds. As a result, the performance of the Fund will be dependent on the performance of the funds selected for investment by the Manager. If the underlying funds in which the Fund invests registers a negative performance, the value of your investment will be negatively affected.


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BOV Asset Management Limited is licensed to conduct investment services in Malta under the Investment Services Act (Cap.370 of the laws of Malta) by the Malta Financial Services Authority.